Sunli Chen

Whenever you feel like criticizing any one, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had. - F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’m currently an undergraduate student in Yao Class 03, IIIS, Tsinghua University, graduating in 2024. My major is Computer Science and Technology under the AI curriculum.

My research interests lie in Embodied AI, Language Models and Computer Vision, especially how they can cooperate with each other. A long preserving goal of mine is to build agents that can physically interact with the real world, which requires development of both perception (vision, multi-modal) and decision making (RL, LLM, etc.).

Feel free to contact me via email or WeChat EEEEEericKKK.

selected publications

  1. haz.png
    HAZARD Challenge: Embodied Decision Making in Dynamically Changing Environments
    Sunli Chen*, Qinhong Zhou*, Yisong Wang, Haozhe Xu, Weihua Du, Hongxin Zhang, Yilun DuJoshua B Tenenbaum, and Chuang Gan
    ICLR 2024, 2023
  2. nips2023.png
    Iteratively Learn Diverse Strategies with State Distance Information
    Wei Fu, Weihua Du, Jingwei Li, Sunli ChenJingzhao Zhang, and Yi Wu
    NeurIPS 2023, 2023
  3. ense.png
    Improving Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback with Efficient Reward Model Ensemble
    Shun ZhangSunli Chen, Yikang Shen, Zhiqing Sun, and Chuang Gan
    NAACL 2024 Submission, 2023
  4. sok.png
    SOK-Bench: A Situated Video Reasoning Benchmark with Aligned Open-World Knowledge
    Andong Wang*, Bo Wu*, Sunli Chen*Zhenfang Chen, Haotian Guan, Wei-Ning Lee, Erran Li Li, and Chuang Gan
    CVPR 2024 Submission, 2023